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19 August 2022

I am a published author. Wow. Publishing a children’s book was a shock, probably to everyone, but especially to me. I never thought that “author” would ever be a word that I could use to describe myself. Yet, here we...

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Work/Life Balance?

29 July 2022

Joni is a full time developer. Joni is a single mom with a 4 year old. Joni is a newly (almost) published author. (T-3 days until launch!) Joni is a self-published author, which means Joni is also a PR agent....


To Email or Not To Email

09 July 2022

I have spent the last several weeks (slowly) evaluating different email newsletter solutions because, according to my marketing plan, a newsletter is something I should consider starting. I mean, it is a great way to get the news out about...


On Book Marketing

16 June 2022

They say, “try to do something that scares you.” They say, “say yes to everything.” Who are “they”? And why exactly am I listening to them? Writing a book was scary Actually, I take that back. Writing a book, specifically...


Sweet Little You: Available for Pre-order!

31 May 2022

Today is my birthday. This is not a marketing ploy. Today is actually my birthday. Being at the end of May, it often overlaps with the Memorial Day holiday weekend, which, to be honest is pretty nice. I get some...


Sweet Little You: Cover Reveal!

11 April 2022

Something happened this weekend. Something big. I got the final illustrations for Sweet Little You! OMG OMG OMG!! I have been working with Lisa Wee, a wonderfully talented illustrator, for the last few months and I couldn’t be happier with...


The art chaos of time management

01 February 2022

Once upon a time, there was a (not exactly) young girl who decided to have a full-time tech job, solo-parent a pre-schooler, and publish a book. “I am so organized!” she exclaimed. “I can totally manage my time to get...


Imposter syndrome, the sequel

12 January 2022

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my early career as a developer. Getting a CS degree was hard - harder than it needed to be. My classes were filled with C++ and (mid-1990s) Java. Those languages were neither easy...


Motivation block

30 December 2021

I have been meaning to write more, mostly to have some sort of creative outlet that does not involve code. Don’t get me wrong. I love coding and still have about 20 different side projects and ideas that I want...


Research, research, research!

15 December 2021

In an effort to spend more time on Twitter1, I came across a tweet with the following advice: Go to the library and read 100 books published in your category in the past five years I know I need to...


Editing... done?

28 November 2021

Well, the text is done! After a few rounds of editing (e.g. many, many, many rounds) with both alpha readers and a proper editor, I am feeling quite good about it. I’m happy with the message. I’m happy with the...



17 November 2021

It has been a busy year! Between running after my newly-minted preschooler, excitedly settling into life as a fully remote worker, and remodeling our kitchen, you would think I would have time for little else. I thought the same. Then...

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