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Carousels: No one likes you

08 March 2022

Oh carousels. The last time I wrote about carousels, it was 2017 (seemingly a lifetime ago), when I shared a solution for fixing keyboard navigation in carousels. I know carousels have not magically disappeared in the last 5 years, but...


Screen Reader Survey Results

02 October 2017

I launched a survey to help me answer some lingering questions I have had about what tools screen reader users user to navigate websites. Specifically, I wanted to learn about how users interact with links on a site. What is...

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Accessibility and phone number formatting

02 November 2016

Accessible phone numbers on the web is a more complicated topic than you would think. Screen readers are remarkably inconsistent in the way they handle phone numbers. This is a huge issue from an accessibility point of view. Highlighting the...

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