Sweet Little You

Book cover of Sweet Little You featuring a mom and baby flying in a paper airplane

A mother with a dream of having a child makes her wish come true by having a baby on her own. Tenderly written with beautiful painterly illustrations by Lisa Wee, Sweet Little You is a loving and unique story about a different path to becoming a family, showing that creating a cherished family doesn’t always involve two parents.

A heartwarming story for single mothers by choice and their families.

Sweet Little You is available now wherever books are sold. Order your copy today!

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First, a story

Where did that quiet kid go?

I am not a naturally social person. I do enjoy seeing people in real life, but what restores me is staying home with a good book or a Star Trek marathon. I am the textbook definition of an introvert.

Inspiration waits for no one

I am a minimalist at heart. I do not like clutter - physical or digital. The only decor in my house are things that I love or remind me of where I’ve been. I semi-regularly purge my closets to make space, so clothes I wear don’t get lost among the ones that are collecting dust. Bins of my daughter’s toys are everywhere, which bothers me to no end, but my house is her house too. I crave inbox zero. (As of this moment, the 6 emails in my inbox are making me antsy.)

Be careful out there: A phishing story

I am about to go into “mom mode” for this post, because I recently came across (and almost fell for) the most clever phishing attempt I have seen to date.

Hello World!

My daughter and me

My name is Joni and I am a “middle-end” web developer who loves to write code, commit often, and make up her own job titles. I work for Georgetown University and have been writing code since the mid-1980s. I was 2. (Kidding. Mostly. I know I’m dating myself. Shush.)

Over the years, I have coded in all sorts of languages. My more recent work focuses around WordPress, so I spend a lot of time with JavaScript and PHP. I also write quite a bit about my experiences and projects; most of my recent articles are on this site.

You can also explore this site to learn more about my book, Sweet Little You or find out where I am speaking next.

Cool! What else?

I am a single mother by choice to an amazing kid who constantly keeps me on my toes. She and her collection of stuffed animals are going to take over the world.

I have hobbies. Stop laughing. I’m serious. I both run and bake, because life is all about balance. I love live music and try to get as many shows as time and babysitters allow. I pretend to knit, by which I mean that I have been working on the same shawl for about 5 years now. I am also learning to play the ukulele, but only when my daughter can’t hear me. My skills are not quite up to her standards (yet?). Just wait until I take up the bongos.

I love to travel. I have been lucky enough to visit parts of Europe and the Middle East. I have road tripped across a good chunk of the western US and day-hiked in Alaska. I have camped at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and the RPI hockey line. (Camping for college hockey tickets is like real camping, right?)

I love books! I love to read and have books in just about every room of my house. Unfortunately, my reading has dwindled post-baby, but I do keep track of what I read, in case you all are interested.