Joni Halabi

ux developer, cookie baker, long distance runner, amateur photographer, occasional knitter, music lover, perpetual reader

Developer of web sites. Baker of cookies.

This corner of the web houses my personal digital life – photos I have taken, books I have read, and other such randomness. My resume is also here, but this site is primarily for my non-tech life. (I have a non-tech life?!)

On the sweeter side, I have not yet mastered the art of digitizing dessert, so unfortunately, there are no samples available for download at this time.

That Dev Girl is Live!

I am a web developer with a full time job, but I also enjoy spreading my wings with freelance projects. That Dev Girl is my official consulting website and features both my portfolio of websites and tools, as well as development-focused blog posts about code, web accessibility, random tech tips, and more. Check it out!

That Dev Girl

Latest Post: Induction Scheduling

I just left one of my final OB appointments. This particular appointment involved a cervical exam to see if I am dilated. #TIL… I learned three important things from this exam: I am not dilated. Not only am I not dilated, but apparently everything down there is [...]