My name is Joni and I am a web developer. And a mother. And a runner. And a music lover. And a ukulele student. And an eclectic reader. And an overzealous baker. And a ridiculously slow knitter.

But, this site is really only about those first two things.

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After years of maintaining two different sites — personal and professional — I got tired of the overhead involved in splitting my online self in two.

So… welcome to my new, unified, simplified website! If you previously enjoyed, all of that content is here (particularly the blog). My personal and professional blogs are now combined into a single “me!” blog.

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WordPress Customization: Supports and Variations and JSON. Oh my!

04 May 2021

The new WordPress editor (“Gutenberg”) has been a part of our lives for almost 2 1/2 years. Since that initial launch, WordPress has come out with so many different ways to customize block editor: theme.json, block variations, and block supports. These are three distinct features that provide different customization options.…

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