Sweet Little You

Book cover of Sweet Little You featuring a mom and baby flying in a paper airplane

Sweet Little You, written by me and illustrated by Lisa Wee, is a love letter, told by a new mother who chose to have a child on her own. She welcomes her baby to the world and, using age-appropriate language, introduces baby to the fact that they were conceived with the help of an anonymous donor. She promises to love, nurture, and support her child in their new family. Coming summer 2022!

I am surprised as you are that I wrote a book, but it’s true! I am self-publishing my debut picture book. Follow me for the latest updates about this journey.

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Latest News

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Imposter syndrome, the sequel

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About Joni

My daughter and me

My name is Joni and I am a “middle-end” web developer who loves to write code, commit often, and make up her own job titles. I work for Georgetown University and have been writing code since the mid-1980s. I was 2. (Kidding. Mostly. I know I’m dating myself. Shush.)

I have developed in all sorts of languages, but I work a lot in WordPress these says, so I spend a lot of time with JavaScript and PHP. Click around this site for more information about my work and me speaking about my work.

Cool! What else?

I am a single by choice mother to an amazing pre-schooler who constantly keeps me on my toes. She and her collection of stuffed animals are going to take over the world.

I have hobbies. Stop laughing. I’m serious. I both run and bake, because life is all about balance. I love live music and try to get as many shows as time and babysitters allow. I pretend to knit, by which I mean that I have been working on the same shawl for about 5 years now. I am also learning to play the ukulele, but only when my daughter can’t hear me. My skills are not quite up to her standards (yet?). Just wait until I take up the bongos.

I love to travel. I have been lucky enough to visit parts of Europe and the Middle East. I have road tripped across a good chunk of the western US and day-hiked in Alaska. I have camped at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and the RPI hockey line. (Camping for college hockey tickets is like real camping, right?)

I love books! I love to read and have books in just about every room of my house. Unfortunately, my reading has dwindled post-baby, but I do keep track of what I read, in case you all are interested.