My name is Joni and I am a web developer. And a mother. And an aspiring #kitlit writer. And a runner. And a music lover. And an occasional ukulele student. And an eclectic reader. And an overzealous baker. And a ridiculously slow knitter.

But, this site is mostly about my development life and (as of late) writing life.

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I am writing a book! I know, cue the “Seriously?” and “Is this a nerd book” imposter-syndrome-style responses. I am just as surprised as you are. But it’s true! Check it out in my “coming out” #amWriting post and stay tuned to my blog for news about my self-publishing journey.

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Editing… done?

28 November 2021

Well, the text is done! After a few rounds of editing (e.g. many, many, many rounds) with both alpha readers and a proper editor, I am feeling quite good about it. I’m happy with the message. I’m happy with the story flow. I’m happy with the rhythm of the verses.…

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