My Pregnancy Story: Conception

Articles about my solo conception experience via a fertility clinic. (Or, go back to see all pregnancy articles.)


It hasn't even been 2 weeks!

20 November 2017

Today, at 13 dpiui, marks the day before my pregnancy test. I feel nauseous. And dizzy. And I may have my period. Or maybe that’s just all the bleeding from the progesterone. Which could explain the dizziness. Or not. How...


IUI #4: The final frontier?

13 November 2017

I am a little bit behind in my blogging here, but I had my 4th IUI last Tuesday, which means as of today, I am 6 dpiui. Medication update I am on progesterone, which if you were paying attention to...


Cycle monitoring update

01 November 2017

I have been slacking on my updates. (I did warn you all about my blogging infrequency.) Today is day 9 of my cycle. I went in for a monitoring session last week on day 3. These monitoring sessions include a...


Medication: A reality story

24 October 2017

It is day 1 of my new cycle. I am back from vacation and ready to start trying again. It seems like a good time to figure out what all of my new medication does, right? Sure! To recap: I...


A complicated story about medication and logistics

01 October 2017

I am starting to prep for my next attempt. This one will be medicated, which is terrifying in and of itself. I will be on I’ll be on Clomid (a pill taken orally), Prometrium (a pill taken vaginally, which should...



30 August 2017

Well, IUI attempt #3 was a bust. I am heartbroken, not just because this failed, but because I honestly thought it was going well. I had symptoms. I am even pretty sure they were not psychosomatic. There were days when...


Gearing up for IUI #3

07 August 2017

Yes, I apparently skipped writing about IUI #2. Sorry, folks. I am an inconsistent blogger. Since it has been a while, I will catch you all up now on my IUI rollercoaster. When I used that word in my last...


My first IUI rollercoaster

03 July 2017

For those of you who don’t know (and many people don’t), I made the choice to become a single mother after years of debating this. My first actual attempt happened on June 17. I started to work with a fertility...


A time-out to think

15 March 2017

My doctor-imposed 2-month delay on starting my treatment (thank you chicken pox immunity woes) has given me a lot of time to think. Too much time, really. The tech world has a phenomenon called “imposter syndrome”, where you are working...


Testing, the final tally

21 February 2017

I am finally (gloriously) done with the testing phase. I actually finished last week, but have been procrastinating writing about it. Last week was intense between the HSG, an appointment with the counselor, and the final blood work. Counseling Most,...


HSG: The final (testing) frontier

14 February 2017

This is an intense week of testing due to scheduling and where I am in my cycle. I had my last test today, the HSG, or hysterosalpingogram. (Say that five times fast.) The HSG is simply an X-ray of most...


Prep work update

01 February 2017

I took a couple baby steps in the last 24 hours to prepare my brain and body for the months ahead. Prenatal vitamins I stopped by the store after work last night for a couple of things and figured it...


A new beginning

30 January 2017

I had my initial consultation with Clinic Beta today. I had some initial concern that my experience with this new clinic would mimic that of Clinic Alpha. I was pleasantly surprised. I sat down with the doctor and we went...


A complicated tale of research

10 January 2017

This is a tale of two fertility clinics. I do not want to use names, so I’ll call them Clinic Alpha and Clinic Beta here. Getting Started My gynecologist referred me to Clinic Alpha first. I had an initial consultation...


The dilemma: A brief introduction

10 January 2017

I want a baby. I am also a single woman, a fact that does not seem to be changing anytime soon. What makes me think I can handle raising another human being by myself? The last living member of the...

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