IUI #4: The final frontier?

13 November 2017

I am a little bit behind in my blogging here, but I had my 4th IUI last Tuesday, which means as of today, I am 6 dpiui.

Medication update

I am on progesterone, which if you were paying attention to my previous post about medications, is that pill you take vaginally. (Again… ugh.)

I am happy to report that the pill-taking process is going well, in that I am successfully taking the meds. Funny thing about progesterone: it makes you bleed. This is a common and very expected side effect. This is also not a side effect I am thrilled with. My nurse told me that a panty liner will be sufficient for the bleeding. It is not. While I am not bleeding a ton (it is certainly not enough to fill an entire maxi pad), I am definitely – and regularly – bleeding enough where a liner is not going to cover it.

The good thing about the bleeding is that it starts almost immediately and it is over in under an hour.

Symptom update

I believe that the reason why I forgot about posting here for a while is because I have been feeling no symptoms. Well… minimal symptoms.

My symptoms are so minimal that I am not sure if they are symptoms at all:

  1. Two nights ago, I was eating a turkey dinner in a mason jar, complete with potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce. I love all of these things; however this combination was surprisingly disgusting. I can chalk that up to the recipe.
  2. I have a weird ache in my lower abdomen. No idea what that’s about.
  3. I feel almost (but not quite) nauseous every so often. No actual nausea. Most of the time it’s gas.

Are these real symptoms or am I subconsciously working myself up? We’ll find out soon, I suppose!

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