Cycle monitoring update

01 November 2017

I have been slacking on my updates. (I did warn you all about my blogging infrequency.) Today is day 9 of my cycle.

I went in for a monitoring session last week on day 3. These monitoring sessions include a blood test and an ultrasound, to check out my ovaries. Everything looked great!

I went in for a second monitoring session today. Today’s session was important because I could be potentially close to ovulating.

I am not, but I am on track. My estrogen levels from my blood work look good. I have a bunch of follicles. Three of them are on the larger side: 10-11mm. They need to get to at least 18mm before I can take the Ovidrel (the “trigger shot”) and schedule the IUI.

Since I am pretty close, I have another monitoring session in two days (day 11 of my cycle). Stay tuned!

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