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Work/life balance?

29 July 2022

Joni is a full time developer. Joni is a single mom with a 4 year old. Joni is a newly (almost) published author. (T-3 days until launch!) Joni is a self-published author, which means Joni is also a PR agent. How does she do it all? We don’t know. She’s not sure either. Seriously, it’s amazing everyone is still in one piece and the house didn’t burn down.

Getting a little serious now.

Really, when did I get so busy? Back in my younger years, I would go to work, come home, and call it a day. These days? Not so much. I still go to work, but I no longer commute. (Thanks pandemic?)1 Theoretically, I should have more free time now, but I have a 4 year old, so in reality, I have less free time. In fact, I am in free-time debt.

When in Rome…

Obviously, the natural solution to having no free time is to write and publish a book. Because, when you have (time) debt, why not get some more?2

Sweet Little You is 100% a passion project. In fact, before writing the book, I was actually considering going to grad school to study machine learning.3 However, the idea for this book came to me with such a force, I couldn’t stop myself from writing it. After that, I had this baby of a book that I just needed to edit and proofread and get reviewed. I found myself looking up illustrators and typing “how to self-publish a children’s book” into my browser.

Long story short.

Nearly one year later, here we are. Sweet Little You will be officially born4 on August 1, just 3 short days from when I am writing this.

So now, when I am not working my regular job and when I’m not being a mom, (though, let’s get real, when I am I ever not being a mom??), I am the exclusive PR representative for… me. It’s not a terrible arrangement so far. PR-rep-me has already lined up book reviews, interviews, and even a little bit of buzz on Instagram. If release day goes well, I may even double her salary.

In the meantime, actual-me doesn’t have time to sleep much, which is how I find myself writing rambling articles about my lack of work/life balance at 12:58am. It’s OK. Sleep is for the weak.

I’m kidding. Sleep is good for you. Go get your 8 hours of sleep and, while you’re at it, eat well, exercise, and watch plenty of sci fi. Your balanced-you will thank you.

  1. Not to be glib, because the pandemic, especially the early parts, were awful. I could get into that more, but I won’t. At least not here. Maybe in another blog post. But the pandemic is directly related to my now-permanent work-from-home status, and that is a change that I never, ever want to revert. 

  2. This is terrible advice, financial or otherwise. Do not, under any circumstances, listen to me. 

  3. True story. 

  4. Books are “born” on their official release date. Seems fitting here, since this is a book for babies.