Sweet Little You: Available for pre-order!

31 May 2022

Today is my birthday. This is not a marketing ploy. Today is actually my birthday. Being at the end of May, it often overlaps with the Memorial Day holiday weekend, which, to be honest is pretty nice. I get some time off to relax and recharge and catch up on my mile-long to-do list. It is a bonus that my child goes to a Montessori school that is inexplicably, but thankfully, open on almost every holiday, so I get some extra quiet time at home.

I promise I did celebrate my birthday. I went out for lunch with friends two days in a row. I got a pedicure. (My first since, I think, my birthday last year.) And now, I am catching up on the overwhelmingly large to-do list, most of which includes book marketing tasks.

I just updated my website – this website – with more information about Sweet Little You. I recently discovered that my book is available for pre-orders, at least on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Self-publishing is an adventure

I am still trying to figure out the ins and outs of self-publishing through IngramSpark. I enabled the book for distribution a couple of weeks ago, but it takes time to propagate to all of the major retailers. And then, it is up to those individual retailers to figure out what to do with the book. Will they list it on their site right away? Will they allow pre-order sales or wait until the official release date? Who knows?! I’m not kidding. There is apparently no way to predict these things, other than to rely on previous trends from other books published via IngramSpark. As a programmer, the lack of a solid schedule bothers me. Publishing is indeed an entirely new world for me.

However, I seem to be burying the lead here. Sweet Little You – a book that I wrote!! – will be released on August 1! And it is available for pre-orders. People (you?) can buy it!! Right now!

Amazon and Barnes & Noble seem to have jumped on this. I’m still working on getting my book into indie bookstores, so if that is more up your alley, please stay tuned!

Wait… is this really happening?

Never in my life did I think I would publish a book, much less a children’s book. Yes, it’s out there and I’m still surprised.

So, please, please do me a huge favor. Pre-order Sweet Little You on either Amazon or Barnes & Noble. After all, it is my birthday.

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