Over the first (trimester) hurdle

22 January 2018

I will be 13 weeks pregnant tomorrow. This is huge because it means, not only am I super officially out of my first trimester, but I am also at a point where I have been getting a lot of test results back.

The 12 week checkup

I had my 12 week checkup with my OB late last week. No sonogram but the doctor did pull out a tiny little machine from his pocket to check the baby’s heartbeat. The kiddo’s heart sounds fantastic!

All the genetic testing

Because I am “old”, I had a couple of genetic screenings done. The first was a blood test that tests for a long list of genetic conditions, including Trisomy 21 (Downs Syndrome) and Trisomy 18 (Edwards Syndrome). It is also a very accurate test for the baby’s sex. In this test, they take a million (well, four) vials of blood and tell you that results won’t come in for fourteen business days. That’s great news to hear just before a holiday weekend.

Fortunately, I got the results much earlier than anticipated. Everything is normal!

Also… it’s a girl!!!

(No, I am not doing a gender reveal party. Obviously. I’m just announcing this to everyone via email, blog post, group text, random shouting, and carrier pigeon.)

The second genetic test happened today and included a very extensive ultrasound, where I got to see my baby from literally every angle. I even got to see her bladder. Twice.

It was the coolest thing ever. (I am not just talking about her bladder.) She looks like a fully formed human! I got to see her head, nose, hands, feet, knees… just about everything. So. Amazing.

Ultrasound image of the kiddo at week 13

More good news: Everything is still normal!

Chatting with the high risk doctor

Since I am over 35 (and especially since I will be 40 when I deliver), I now have a high risk doctor. I met him after today’s test. He is great and very data-focused (an attribute I really appreciate).

If I thought I was living at my doctor’s office before, I will really be living there once I am at 32 weeks. I will need to go back for weekly screenings to check on the kiddo’s development. Depending on how she’s doing, there is a chance I may be forced to deliver early – even as early as 37 weeks.

But, so far, so good!

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