My Pregnancy Story: Second trimester

Articles about the second trimester of my pregnancy, late January through early May 2018. (Or, go back to see all pregnancy articles.)

Over the first (trimester) hurdle

22 January 2018

I will be 13 weeks pregnant tomorrow. This is huge because it means, not only am I super officially out of my first trimester, but I am also at a point where I have been getting a lot of test results back.

A hodgepodge of updates

23 January 2018

For (hopefully) obvious privacy reasons, I originally kept all of my pregnancy posts private, especially while I was still trying to conceive and during my first trimester. In reality, very few people knew about any of this.

The girls are out

12 February 2018

I have to say that, so far, my second trimester has been quite pleasant. I finally feel less tired. (Read: I am no longer sleeping 12 hours a day.) I am definitely not nauseous. I may almost go as far as saying that I feel like my pre-pregnancy self. Almost.

Fun with names

12 February 2018

Since my pregnancy announcement, and especially since my “it’s a girl!” announcement, I have gotten a lot of name suggestions. This is despite the fact that I have already decided on the kiddo’s name.

Pregnancy is not for the weak

22 February 2018

I’m going to start out this post by saying everything is fine. I am fine. The kiddo is fine. Fine. (Spoiler alert?)

Officially popped

06 March 2018

I have heard about women “popping”, but I never thought it was a literal description of what happens. I always figured that the process of showing would be pretty gradual, like a sine wave.

Registry making

12 March 2018

I have finally started working on my baby registry. I have been feeling quite a bit of angst about this whole registry-making process for a number of reasons:

Lost: One belly button

08 April 2018

Lost: One small “innie” belly button. Round and relatively symmetrical. Last seen in the center of my belly, perhaps a week ago. Just looked down today and suddenly it was gone.

From zero to viable in 24 weeks

12 April 2018

I just had my 24-week appointment today. All is still well! The kiddo has a heartbeat that is high enough. I have blood pressure that is low enough. I am up 9 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. At least it’s not 40? (Yet!)

Eating like a hobbit

02 May 2018

It has occurred to me over the last several weeks (months) that a hobbit’s eating schedule is also the perfect eating schedule for a pregnant woman - or at least this pregnant woman. Allow me to demonstrate.

A typical conversation at work

07 May 2018

Now that I am quite obviously pregnant, I find that I have more conversations with colleagues that center around my growing belly. This is a conversation that I have with someone at least once per day: