Block Controller

This WordPress plugin allows site administrators to control editor access to content blocks.

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This plugin allows a content editor to turn on and off any post editor (“Gutenberg”) block. An editor can only disable a block that is not currently in use. Blocks that exist on at least one post or page are not eligible to be turned off.

In addition, this plugin generates a list of all blocks in use by the site. A content editor can see how many times and on what posts or pages any particular block is used.


The main settings page, where site administrators can enable and disable blocks. This page highlights blocks that are already in use.
The block usage summary page, which displays a quick view of the blocks used on the site. This page enumerates the number of instances of each block throughout the site and the number of pages each block is used on.
The block usage details page for all blocks. This page display all blocks used throughout the site and a linked list of the pages each block is used on.
The block usage details page for a single block. This page is similar to the details page for all blocks, but includes only the information for a single block.