My Pregnancy Story: Third trimester

Articles about the third trimester of my pregnancy, mid-May through late July 2018. (Or, go back to see all pregnancy articles.)

Induction Day!

30 July 2018

It’s Induction Day! I check into the hospital at 4pm today to get induced. As far as I can tell, we are still starting from 0. My belly has not dropped. I am not having contractions. My water has not...

Almost There

26 July 2018

My last high risk appointment was yesterday and my last OB appointment was today. Actually, I should say appointments. Today’s (last!) OB visit I saw my doctor and we had a great conversation about my due date and upcoming induction,...


21 July 2018

My friends and I code-named the kiddo “Lord Kick Ass” sometime in my second trimester because, in addition to the fact that she started kicking right around then, we are certain that she will, indeed, kick ass. As I approach...

Induction Scheduling

19 July 2018

I just left one of my final OB appointments. This particular appointment involved a cervical exam to see if I am dilated. #TIL… I learned three important things from this exam: I am not dilated. Not only am I not...

The Waiting Game

10 July 2018

I am 37 weeks today and the wait is killing me. I know she’s coming out soon and I think my belly is starting to drop, but the kiddo has not made her move yet. It seems she’s not even...

Pre postpartum thoughts

05 July 2018

As I enter the last month of my pregnancy, I have this recurring and overwhelming thought: Holy crap! I will not be pregnant this time next month. Instead of having a tiny human inside my body, I will have a...

Feelings from the inside

28 June 2018

It just occurred to me that I haven’t written about what it feels like to actually have another human growing inside you. To be honest, I’m not even sure how to describe it. Sometimes I don’t feel her at all....

My new medical condition

27 June 2018

I logged onto my OB’s website today to check out the latest updates to my medical records. I read through a bunch of new test. (All of them are normal.) And then I discovered that I have been diagnosed with...

She's growing... hair

14 June 2018

At yesterday’s ultrasound, the tech made a comment about my daughter: “She’s growing (pause for dramatic effect)… hair.” At least now I know that she is truly my kid. #arablife

Contractions != Labor

13 June 2018

I am 33 weeks pregnant as of yesterday, which (naturally?) means contractions start. Seriously. They started. I haven’t had many (maybe a couple a day) and they are not painful, nor are they a sign that I am in labor...

Advice to older mamas-to-be

05 June 2018

A true story This morning, I had an appointment with my high risk doctor for another sonogram. It had been a while since my last sonogram, because all was well way back in February when they last peeked in on...

Thoughts about pain

31 May 2018

Going into this pregnancy, I always knew the last trimester would be rough. I expected bloating. I expected needing to waddle wherever I go. I expected to hate how my looks. Oddly, none of that has been the rough part...

Wait! Weight?

16 May 2018

One of my biggest worries about getting pregnant was the inherent weight gain that comes with it. Yes, I know that sounds really superficial. Yes, I know that I am growing a second human inside of my body and, of...