My Pregnancy Story: Postpartum

Articles about what happened after Amelia was born in late July 2018. (Or, go back to see all pregnancy articles.)

Final Public Postpartum Thoughts

12 August 2018

I wanted to update this category in my blog one more time before “signing off”. I could blog all day and night about Amelia, but I also want to keep most aspects of her life private. That means, off Facebook,...

Pregnancy vs. Postpartum

07 August 2018

Over the course of the last week, since my daughter’s birth, I have discovered that I have become very used to being pregnant. This realization is becoming more and more apparent as I heal from my c-section and I regain...

Oh hello, hormones

06 August 2018

Yesterday was an incredibly bad day. I have read about postpartum depression. It is something I had been worried about for the majority of my pregnancy because of my history of anxiety. A friend of mine even talked to me...


04 August 2018

My daughter is only a few days old, but over the course of the past few days, I have been calling her by all sorts of nicknames. On top of that, my friends have also been donning her with even...


02 August 2018

Monday: The Induction Today was the day where we get this delivery ball rolling! I reported to the hospital that afternoon (after working my last day at work… from home, of course, but it was a great distraction). After a...