Complicated and loving it

01 January 2016

2015 was a strange, strange year.

I started the year with a brand new job that had a ton of potential.  I later discovered working for that particular company was a huge mistake and, after being miserable for several months, had the opportunity to walk away in October.  After about 5 minutes of soul-searching (long winded introspection is not really my thing), I decided that jumping to another company would be another mistake.

So I decided to go rogue.

I mean, why work as a consultant through an agency when I can simply work as a consultant as myself?  Right?

Yes, that is completely crazy.  Agencies exist for a reason and I have zero experience in the business world.  I have never had to market myself to anyone.  Not to mention deal with invoicing and contracts and taxes, etc.

It took me about 2 minutes of soul-searching before I hit send on my first batch of “cold-call” marketing messages.

Fast forward 2 months.

I am very close to launching my first client site as a “rogue” developer.  I have 2 more sites in progress.  I am teaching my very own class at General Assembly.  And, I just signed 2 long-term contracts with a couple of really big organizations.  (Not dropping names yet, but you’ve definitely heard of them.  And one rhymes with “Shmacys”.)

Not bad for someone with no practical business experience.

Yes, my work life is more complicated.  My schedule is more complicated.  Taxes are more complicated.  (Thank goodness for CPAs.)  But having control over my own time and flexibility?  Priceless.