Joni Halabi

single by choice mom, web developer, long distance runner, cookie baker, occasional knitter, music lover, perpetual reader

Developer of web sites. Baker of cookies.

This corner of the web houses my personal digital life – photos I have taken, books I have read, and other such randomness. My resume is also here, but this site is primarily for my non-tech life.

If you are interested in my geekier side, check out my portfolio site at That Dev Girl.

On the sweeter side, I have not yet mastered the art of digitizing dessert, so unfortunately, there are no samples available for download at this time.

Latest Post: Daily Life in the New World

March 23, 2020. That date, almost exactly 2 months ago, was the first day of our new normal. This new normal is me working from home full time. It is my daughter staying at home full time, no longer in day care with her friends and teachers. It is video chats with fr [...]