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Testing, the final tally

21 February 2017

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I am finally (gloriously) done with the testing phase. I actually finished last week, but have been procrastinating writing about it.

Last week was intense between the HSG, an appointment with the counselor, and the final blood work.


Most, if not all, clinics require patients to have at least one visit with a social worker or psychologist. My doctor made sure to stress that this visit is not a test or a screening. It is simply an additional resource.

The psychologist I saw was very helpful. She had a lot of insight and great advice. However, I found myself leaving with more questions — or rather more homework — than before I saw her. There is a ton of things to think about.

Where do I get sperm?

This question is especially complicated because I am currently debating between an anonymous donor and a known donor. (This is a post that I am not ready to write yet.)

My biggest takeaways on this topic are that I really need to speak with my potential known donor and figure out what is right for the both of us.

What is my support system?

My local support system is woefully sparse. It is something I have always known, but I am constantly questioning whether it is something I am OK with. My closest family member is a 4 hour drive away. I have close friends in the area, but friends are not family.

My biggest takeaway on this topic is that I need to find a support system. Or a support group. I really need to talk to someone who is doing what I am doing.

Two giant questions. Two giant pieces of homework. More on this is (many) future posts, I’m sure.

Blood work

For the most part, everything is great. I did encounter a minor, fixable road block — I am not immune to the chicken pox. This is pretty important because if I do get the chicken pox while pregnant (or, rather, shingles), that is really bad news.

The irritating part of this test result is that I was vaccinated for the chicken pox 7 years ago, as an adult. (This story behind this is one for another time.) For whatever reason, that vaccine did not take. My doctor is completely baffled by this.

Regardless, I am getting re-vaccinated. The vaccine consists of 2 shots, 4 weeks apart, with a 1 month hold after the last shot. Therefore, this puts a 2 month hold on starting my treatment, because I cannot get pregnant while taking the vaccine. (Again, chicken pox + fetus = bad.)

The upside

Vaccine shot #1 happened today. So, I have 2 months to get all my homework done. Having that time is actually a relief.