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Registry making

12 March 2018

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I have finally started working on my baby registry. I have been feeling quite a bit of angst about this whole registry-making process for a number of reasons:

  1. I have never registered for anything in my life.
  2. I have never had a baby, so I need all the things.
  3. For every one “thing” that I need, there are (approximately) 86 varieties of that “thing”.

Where to register?

I started by sifting through all of the places I could register with, including:

  1. Target (They do have baby stuff, but don’t exactly scream “baby”.)
  2. Amazon (Too many choices. Then again, I could register for anything. Does a new tablet count as a baby need?)
  3. Babies R Us (Actually a baby store, but aren’t they going out of business?)
  4. buybuy Baby (Definitely a baby store.)

I decided to go with buybuy Baby. Not only are they actually a baby store, but they have a crib that I really like and I am pretty sure they will be around through my delivery. (Again, sorry Babies R Us!)

Creating the registry

I started my registry online, which immediately sent me to a screen asking me to make an appointment with a registry consultant in the store. I had two reactions to this:

  1. Sweet! I get help with this!
  2. Oh crap! I’m making a registry for real?!?

I made the appointment, but was pretty nervous about it. As in, the kind of nervousness you feel when you are walking into a test and haven’t even started to study for it. Heck, I don’t even own the book! Am I supposed to already know about all of the kinds of strollers that exist? Or about bottle nipple sizes? Wait a sec. Bottle nipples come in sizes? I’m so screwed….

Fortunately, a friend agreed to come with me for support. She doesn’t have kids either, but having another human to bounce ideas off of was amazing.

Double-fortunately, the consultant was amazing and took me on a tour of all the baby things. She made recommendations and explained what items are better than others (and in some cases, what a few items are in the first place). This was not a test, but at the end of 90 minutes, I had a good 50-ish item start on my registry.

Later that day…

I logged onto my registry that evening to tweak a few of the items I put on my registry, adjust some quantities, and generally sanity check the list. Several hours and about 100 more items later, I have a list that is probably still only 75% complete.

Geez, this kid needs a lot of stuff.

Current registry status

I am still reviewing my registry and have asked for help from my family, which consists of actual mothers. I also have a list of things that still need to be added to the registry list, but these items require a bit more research. I am hoping to finish the registry before the kiddo is born.