Pregnancy vs. Postpartum

07 August 2018

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Over the course of the last week, since my daughter’s birth, I have discovered that I have become very used to being pregnant. This realization is becoming more and more apparent as I heal from my c-section and I regain more general mobility.

For example, I can bend over and touch my toes. (Thank goodness, because my toenails are so long, they could be weapons. But I digress.) Whenever I do bend over, I keep thinking, Oh no! Am I going to squish the baby?!? This is a thought I had frequently during my pregnancy, as though I could squish the baby’s head by moving in the wrong way. Of course, then I realize that the baby is no longer actually in my body.

I know. Duh, mom. You gave birth. Of course the baby isn’t in your body. But the feeling is still reflexive. Give me a break. It’s only been a week.