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Pregnancy is not for the weak

22 February 2018

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I’m going to start out this post by saying everything is fine. I am fine. The kiddo is fine. Fine. (Spoiler alert?)

Last night…

Just before I left work yesterday, I discovered that I was bleeding. There was not a whole lot of blood, but it was enough to make me freak out. (Ok, let’s be honest here. Any amount of blood is enough to make me freak out right now.)

I called my doctor, but, of course, it was after 5:00pm. I was forwarded to the on-call doctor. She did not seem as… let’s say concerned… about this as I was. I was told to call back in the morning, but go see someone if it got worse.

Let’s just say that did not help with my freak out.

I phoned (well, texted) a friend and the first words out of her mouth (well, fingers) was go to the ER.

I thought about going to my regular hospital, but then I thought about that a little more. It was 5:00pm. In DC. and my regular hospital is near my house. Not in DC. That was going to be a disaster.

Off to the ER I go….

I decided to go to the hospital on campus instead, because I could make it there in under 10 minutes, as opposed to the 1 hour-plus it would likely take me to get to my regular hospital. Their ER was amazing. There was none of the stereotypical waiting for a million hours like you hear about all the time.

They immediately took my blood pressure (a little higher than my normal, but still normal) and temperature (always normal). I was taken to a room after 10 minutes or so. I saw a doctor and had both an ultrasound and a pelvic exam.

Both were normal. I got to see the kiddo and her heartbeat was great. The pelvic exam didn’t come up with any blood or weirdness.

So… WTF?

The doctor has no idea where the blood came from, but (good news), there hasn’t been any blood since then. He asked for some tests that I will find out the results of in a few days, but the kiddo is not being evicted anytime soon. Phew!

This morning…

I called my OB to let them know about everything that happened last night. Long story short, apparently this is normal. They think my placenta was just moving into place and, sometimes, blood happens.

OK, fine. Great? But why the $#@#% didn’t the on-call doctor tell me that this was a thing last night? I mean, I get covering your butts, and I probably would have gone in to see someone either way, but I would also have been a whole lot less panicked.