February Photo a Day #6

06 February 2013

The day 6 photo subject was “soft”.   Now, I am a stuffed animal addict and have them all over my apartment.  Seriously.  On my bed.  On my night stand.  In a basket in the corner.  On my living room end table.  For a while, on my dining room table.  (I later decided that was a little excessive.)  So, my subject matter for today’s photo was immediately obvious for me.


February Photo a Day #5

05 February 2013

OK, this story is a little gross.  Day 5’s photo subject was “something you smelled”.  I woke up this morning thinking of different possibilities: Burning a candle.  Baking cookies.  Finding some girly hand lotion.


February Photo a Day #4

04 February 2013

Day four.  It has been a busy month (yes, already) and I have not had as much time as I would have liked lately to go to the gym.  For those of you who know me, I am a little addicted (and fully admit it!).  This  month will hopefully be one where I get back on track and start training for my (second!) half marathon, coming up in June!


February Photo a Day #3

04 February 2013

Weekends are busy enough for me.  Add the Superbowl on top of that and… well… you get my photo-a-day a day late.  Day 3’s subject was “something that starts with the letter ‘e’”.  This was harder than it sounds.  I was talking pictures of “e” objects all over the place and was not happy with any of them.  Then, finally, I walked into my home office and found what I was looking for.


February Photo a Day #2

02 February 2013

And here is my photo for day 2!  Today’s photo subject is “pattern”.  I have a lot of doilies around my house, most of which are from my mom.  This is one of them, currently sitting on my living room table.


February Photo a Day #1

01 February 2013

I decided to try something different with my blog (or… do something with my blog). I found a blog post about a photo-a-day challenge for February and decided to give it a shot.  OK, I am a day late starting this, but here it goes.


Cheap Trick with YUI Carousel

23 August 2011

This is just another example of why Internet Explorer 7 (and earlier) needs to die. I have been working on a project where a group of images needs to be displayed on a page, four at a time in a carousel. The site uses YUI 2.7, so naturally, I am using YUI Carousel to implement this.


Adding a character limit to a text area using YUI

29 July 2011

In the UI world, it is a good idea to let the users know about any constraints they have on any form fields. We all know this. There are a million ways to do this – through error messages, help text, and so on. For character limits on input fields, the best way to avoid a user error is to limit the number of characters the user can physically type in the field.


YUI 3 in a YUI 2 world

24 May 2011

I know what you are probably thinking. You want to use YUI 3 inside YUI 2? Really? Why not just upgrade to YUI 3 altogether?


YUI vs. jQuery

20 September 2010

Ever since I started my consulting gig, I have been learning so many new (or, rather, new to me) technologies. Most of my learning experiences have centered around Javascript libraries – namely jQuery and YUI. In light of the fact that I’ve only been consulting for about 9 months now, I’m going to preface this entire post with the fact that I definitely do not consider myself an expert in either of these libraries.

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