February Photo a Day #23

23 February 2013

A little behind again, but hey - it was a weekend.  Saturday’s photo subject was “word”.   So, I spent all day with my camera, taking pictures of words wherever I went.  Which was weird.  I did take other pictures...

February Photo a Day #22

22 February 2013

Work has been hard lately.  I mean seriously, frustratingly hard.  I am learning a new piece of tech these days, which is pretty awesome, but, at the same time, obnoxiously crazy and seemingly impossible.  The learning curve is getting better,...

February Photo a Day #21

21 February 2013

Today’s photo subject was “full”.  Today was also a crazy busy day at work (from home), so I needed to find something “full” around my apartment. It took a while, but I did find something: my sock drawer.  Sounds silly and...

February Photo a Day #20

20 February 2013

I have been falling a little behind in my photo taking again, so here I am, working on two photo posts at once.  Yesterday’s photo subject was “where I stood”.  Since it is tax season and the end of winter,...

February Photo a Day #19

19 February 2013

Today’s photo subject is “I am….”  I decided to take this opportunity to take a self portrait.  Probably cliche, but I have been meeting to change up my Facebook profile picture anyway, so why not?

February Photo a Day #18

18 February 2013

I had a fantastic weekend.  So fantastic, that I just found the time to work on yesterday’s photo of the day.  Typical I know. What made this even funnier was yesterday’s photo subject: something I don’t like.  After an awesome...

February Photo a Day #17

17 February 2013

This weekend has officially been my concert-going marathon weekend.  Four concerts.  Five days.  Last night was another Eddie from Ohio concert at the Birchmere.  And yesterday’s photo subject was “in your hand”.  It just felt right to take a picture...

February Photo a Day #16

16 February 2013

As you probably read a couple of days ago, I have started to take some liberties with this photo-a-day challenge.  Today (or, rather yesterday at this point) is another one of those liberties.  Don’t worry - I did take a picture...

February Photo a Day #15

15 February 2013

And we’re back!  Today’s photo subject is “inside your fridge”. I am 99% positive what is inside your fridge is more interesting than what is inside my fridge.  I am single, I have no roommates, and I hate to cook.  So…...

February Photo a Day #14

14 February 2013

Well, assuming I have a following here, you have been following my photo-a-day journey for just about 2 whole weeks.  That is amazing - that both I am still taking pictures and you are still looking at them.  So… thank...

February Photo a Day #13

13 February 2013

Today’s lucky photo subject was “walking”.  Sadly, I completely forgot about it until I got home tonight… after dark… in the rain.  I went for a walk around my complex.  Looking around my neighborhood, I realized it is not a...

February Photo a Day #12

12 February 2013

I had a really bad day today.  I had some conversations that verged on the completely ridiculous, which made my day… well… ridiculous.  How do I cope?  I baked!  In my office!  Well… home office.  This telecommuting thing can be...

February Photo a Day #11

11 February 2013

Today’s photo subject is “entrance”.  Now, I really did not want to take a picture of a door, because that felt really boring and obvious.  However, how else do you really enter a space?  It is through a door or...

February Photo a Day #10

10 February 2013

I am having the world’s laziest Sunday.  I woke up after 10:00 this morning.  I have spent most of the day on my couch.  I did work on my website a little and take some pictures, but I have never...

February Photo a Day #9

09 February 2013

Day nine’s photo subject was “guilty pleasure”.  The dictionary defines a guilty pleasure as something you do that brings you joy, but you feel guilt about doing.  This is probably going to sound like a cliche… or a lie… but...

February Photo a Day #8

08 February 2013

Today’s photo was really hard… at least at first. The day 8 photo subject was “something orange”.  Now, I really don’t like orange.  I mean really.  don’t.  like.  orange.  I have no orange clothes.  I have no orange furniture.  I...

February Photo a Day #7

07 February 2013

Welcome to day 7!  I have been doing this photo-a-day thing for a whole week… can you believe it? Anyway, today’s photo subject is “your name”.  I actually had several ideas in mind for today’s pic.  Grabbing a Joni Mitchell...

February Photo a Day #6

06 February 2013

The day 6 photo subject was “soft”.   Now, I am a stuffed animal addict and have them all over my apartment.  Seriously.  On my bed.  On my night stand.  In a basket in the corner.  On my living room end...

February Photo a Day #5

05 February 2013

OK, this story is a little gross.  Day 5’s photo subject was “something you smelled”.  I woke up this morning thinking of different possibilities: Burning a candle.  Baking cookies.  Finding some girly hand lotion. And then I walked into my...

February Photo a Day #4

04 February 2013

Day four.  It has been a busy month (yes, already) and I have not had as much time as I would have liked lately to go to the gym.  For those of you who know me, I am a little...

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