So. Many. Questions.

20 December 2017

As I begin to tell more and more people about my pregnancy as a single mother-to-be, I have gotten a lot of questions. So many, that I decided to keep a list. You’re not waiting until you find a husband?...

I live in doctors' offices now

20 December 2017

I am now 8 weeks pregnant and just had my first OB appointment today. Everything went smoothly. Pap smear… check! Breast exam… check! Consult with my OB… check! Five vials of blood taken for all the tests… check! I learned...

The Accessibility of ::before and ::after

19 December 2017

I was recently reading a tutorial on how to use CSS counters. They look great! CSS counters are a new feature of CSS that allow us as developers to enumerate elements in the DOM and then do something with that...

I'm a Time Lord!

12 December 2017

I am 7 weeks pregnant today. Ultrasound #2 happened this morning. I was particularly nervous about this one because I have literally felt nothing for the past week. I mean, my breasts hurt and I’m dizzy about 50% of the...

Ultrasound research

05 December 2017

It occurred to me over the weekend that insurance in this country is kind of dumb and, as a result, a limited number of ultrasounds are likely covered under my insurance plan. So this week I decided to do some...

First picture!

29 November 2017

I went in for my first OB ultrasound this morning. Remember everything I said about weirdness coming out of me in my last post? It’s fine. All of that is (apparently) normal. #thingsTheyDontShareAboutBeingPregnant. However, my dream of starting a football...

Week 5 confusion

28 November 2017

I started a new bottle of progesterone today. For those of you just tuning in, that’s the one that I stick up my vagina twice a day. It makes me bleed for about an hour each time - only a...

I have breasts now

27 November 2017

For anyone who has met me in person, you may have noticed something missing between my neck and abdomen. I can assure you that my body has now rectified that situation. Quickly.

Beta pregnancy tests are a thing

26 November 2017

After learning I was pregnant, I went home for Thanksgiving (as one does?) and spent 4 days dodging questions about why I wasn’t drinking and why I would chase squirrels any time someone lit up a cigarette. But that’s besides...

Holy cow... I'm pregnant!!

24 November 2017

I’m pregnant!!! I found out 3 days ago, but could not figure out how to write until today. I am so many emotions all at once: Shocked. Excited. Terrified. Excited. Nauseous. Dizzy. Back to terrified. And circling back to excited...

It hasn't even been 2 weeks!

20 November 2017

Today, at 13 dpiui, marks the day before my pregnancy test. I feel nauseous. And dizzy. And I may have my period. Or maybe that’s just all the bleeding from the progesterone. Which could explain the dizziness. Or not. How...

IUI #4: The final frontier?

13 November 2017

I am a little bit behind in my blogging here, but I had my 4th IUI last Tuesday, which means as of today, I am 6 dpiui. Medication update I am on progesterone, which if you were paying attention to...

Cycle monitoring update

01 November 2017

I have been slacking on my updates. (I did warn you all about my blogging infrequency.) Today is day 9 of my cycle. I went in for a monitoring session last week on day 3. These monitoring sessions include a...

Medication: A reality story

24 October 2017

It is day 1 of my new cycle. I am back from vacation and ready to start trying again. It seems like a good time to figure out what all of my new medication does, right? Sure! To recap: I...

Screen Reader Survey Results

02 October 2017

I launched a survey to help me answer some lingering questions I have had about what tools screen reader users user to navigate websites. Specifically, I wanted to learn about how users interact with links on a site. What is...

A complicated story about medication and logistics

01 October 2017

I am starting to prep for my next attempt. This one will be medicated, which is terrifying in and of itself. I will be on I’ll be on Clomid (a pill taken orally), Prometrium (a pill taken vaginally, which should...


30 August 2017

Well, IUI attempt #3 was a bust. I am heartbroken, not just because this failed, but because I honestly thought it was going well. I had symptoms. I am even pretty sure they were not psychosomatic. There were days when...

Yes, Virginia. Unique link text really is important.

09 August 2017

One of my biggest pet peeves these days stems around blog or news sites. Your typical blog front page will include a bunch of articles. Each article has a title, a date, maybe an image, and a small bit of...

Manual accessibility testing is your new BFF

08 August 2017

Testing your websites to ensure they are fully accessible is a lot of work. There are a bunch of tools out there to help you thoroughly test your sites - Siteimprove or Tenon, for example. These automated tools do an...

Gearing up for IUI #3

07 August 2017

Yes, I apparently skipped writing about IUI #2. Sorry, folks. I am an inconsistent blogger. Since it has been a while, I will catch you all up now on my IUI rollercoaster. When I used that word in my last...

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