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15 December 2021

In an effort to spend more time on Twitter1, I came across a tweet with the following advice: More time on Twitter? Who does that?! Well, I guess I do know since I’m going to have to start marketing this book at some point, right? Twitter is as good a start as any. ↩


Editing... done?

28 November 2021

Well, the text is done! After a few rounds of editing (e.g. many, many, many rounds) with both alpha readers and a proper editor, I am feeling quite good about it. I’m happy with the message. I’m happy with the story flow. I’m happy with the rhythm of the verses. I’m happy with the rhymes.



17 November 2021

It has been a busy year! Between running after my newly-minted preschooler, excitedly settling into life as a fully remote worker, and remodeling our kitchen, you would think I would have time for little else.

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WordPress Customization: Supports and Variations and JSON. Oh my!

04 May 2021

The new WordPress editor (“Gutenberg”) has been a part of our lives for almost 2 1/2 years. Since that initial launch, WordPress has come out with so many different ways to customize block editor: theme.json, block variations, and block supports. These are three distinct features that provide different customization options. Yet, for some reason, I can never remember what controls what (or how much control each feature really has). This blog post aims to clear all that up.


Regularly online developer conferences: An impossible post

29 June 2020

This is a post long in the making, even before the days of our global pandemic and quarantines. In fact, I have been attempting to write this post for so long (6 weeks and counting) that I have deemed this post to be “impossible”. However, before I go there, let’s start with why I wanted to write this post to begin with.

development wordpress

Besan Block: A long time coming

15 August 2019

A few times a year, we hold an internal event at work that we call “Serendipity Day.” We use this day, inspired by NPR, to work on projects that are somewhat work related, but have been sitting on our back burners for a while. Sometimes we use this day to research a new topic. More often than not, though, we use this day to build something new.


I have a dirty little secret: I want to be a junior dev again

05 August 2019

I have been a professional developer for 20 years. Actually, I have been writing code for much, much longer than that, but I have only been getting paid for it for the last 20 years. In recent years - especially the last couple of years - I have noticed my days filling up with other tasks.

development wordpress

Featured Images, Gutenberg, and You

25 March 2019

A very common editor update that us WordPress developers make is to add options to the featured image meta box in the post editor. This is usually something like a checkbox to determine whether the featured image should be displayed at the top of a post.

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A Very Informal Look at Gutenberg Accessibility

16 October 2018

We have been working all year to replatform our websites at work from Drupal to WordPress. We decided to go with WordPress for many reasons, one of the biggest being its admin UI. The WordPress edit screen, especially when compared to the Drupal edit screen, has historically been intuitive and preferred by content editors. In fact, many of my clients in the past have asked to switch their websites from Drupal (or similarly complex systems) to WordPress because of WordPress’s UI advantages.

Final Public Postpartum Thoughts

12 August 2018

I wanted to update this category in my blog one more time before “signing off”. I could blog all day and night about Amelia, but I also want to keep most aspects of her life private. That means, off Facebook, off Instagram, off whatever other social media platforms exist that I’m “too old” to use, and off this blog. Sorry folks.

Pregnancy vs. Postpartum

07 August 2018

Over the course of the last week, since my daughter’s birth, I have discovered that I have become very used to being pregnant. This realization is becoming more and more apparent as I heal from my c-section and I regain more general mobility.

Oh hello, hormones

06 August 2018

Yesterday was an incredibly bad day. I have read about postpartum depression. It is something I had been worried about for the majority of my pregnancy because of my history of anxiety. A friend of mine even talked to me about it way before I delivered.


04 August 2018

My daughter is only a few days old, but over the course of the past few days, I have been calling her by all sorts of nicknames. On top of that, my friends have also been donning her with even more nicknames. This girl has so many nicknames flying around, that I decided I needed to record all of these names somewhere.


02 August 2018

Monday: The Induction Today was the day where we get this delivery ball rolling! I reported to the hospital that afternoon (after working my last day at work… from home, of course, but it was a great distraction). After a whole lot of paperwork, I was admitted to Labor and Delivery.

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