pregnancy second trimester

Officially popped

06 March 2018

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I have heard about women “popping”, but I never thought it was a literal description of what happens. I always figured that the process of showing would be pretty gradual, like a sine wave.


Pants are impossible

I went from starting to look a little pudgy to “holy cow - where did this belly come from?!?” in a matter of days. Days!!

This happened a week or so ago. Before this point, pants felt a little weird. I stopped being comfortable with my skinny jeans pressing against my belly. Now, nothing fits and I am officially wearing “one size fits all” leggings and real maternity pants.

Oddly more comfortable with myself

My body shape now is more like my (non-pregnant) body shape from high school. I did not like my body in high school. I was pudgy and squishy and very much out of shape. I am much healthier these days. (I can actually run down the block and not feel like I’m having a heart attack.) However, looking like I did 20 years ago is a little weird. I thought I would get really depressed over it, but I am strangely more comfortable with my body now than I have ever been. Maybe knowing that I actually am pregnant (instead of just looking like it) helps.