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My new medical condition

27 June 2018

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I logged onto my OB’s website today to check out the latest updates to my medical records. I read through a bunch of new test. (All of them are normal.) And then I discovered that I have been diagnosed with a new medical condition.

“Supervision of elderly primigravida”

I know what most of those words are, but “primigravida”? WTF is that? According to Webster’s dictionary:

primigravida: an individual pregnant for the first time

Putting this all together, I have been diagnosed as an elderly individual who is pregnant for the first time and needs supervision.

I am definitely pregnant and it is definitely my first time. I also definitely need supervision. But… elderly?!?! Again… WTF? I’m 40, not 400.

Don’t mind my while I waddle myself to my next OB appointment with my walker. Kids these days.