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My first IUI rollercoaster

03 July 2017

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For those of you who don’t know (and many people don’t), I made the choice to become a single mother after years of debating this. My first actual attempt happened on June 17.

I started to work with a fertility clinic at the beginning of this year and took all the tests. Everything came back great, considering my age. (I am now 39 years old.) My final tests completed in May and my doctor OK’ed my first try for my June cycle.

I never thought that actually trying in June was realistic, mostly because of logistics. In the beginning of June, I was able to estimate my ovulation date and discovered that it coincided with an out-of-state conference that I was speaking at. Oops. I took ovulation tests anyway, so that I could verify at what point I ovulate in my cycle.

To my surprise, my ovulation test came back positive the day flew home from the conference. I scheduled the IUI for the following day. That was an ordeal. I went alone. I sat in the waiting room alone. The only people in the room for the actual procedure were the RE and a nurse. I was so nervous. I really wanted to ask the nurse to hold my hand, but was embarrassed to ask. The procedure itself was quick. I cried, mostly out of shear emotional exhaustion.

The next two weeks were complete hell. I felt cramps for the first few days after the IUI, which is normal for IUIs. A few days later, I felt a sharp pinch in my belly. (Implantation?) A few days after that I had the worst cramps ever… and then nothing. Every symptom just vanished. I took an at-home pregnancy test ten days after the IUI. Negative. It was too early anyway. I took two more tests on days twelve and thirteen. Negative. The both of them.

My pregnancy test with my doctor was scheduled for the morning of July 3. I started bleeding the night before. Shit. It must be my period.

My nurse asked me to go in for the test anyway and I did. Later that morning, I realized that I am still bleeding, but not as much as I normally do for my period. (Maybe it’s still early?) My breasts are tingling. (Nerves? Stress?)

Long story short… nerves. This was definitely my period.

If at first you don’t succeed… try, try again. (Sigh.)