A few of my favorite (dev) things

22 December 2015

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I started teaching a web development class and I have been thinking a lot about what happens after class is over. My students will learn a bunch of HTML and CSS and a bit of Javascript over the course of 10 weeks. After that, development gets harder.

There are so many options about what languages to learn, platforms to work with, and frameworks to use. New languages and libraries are released constantly. New versions of these languages and libraries are released constantly. There are always new techniques, standards, and tips to play with.

One of my favorite interview questions is “How do you stay current?” I love hearing candidates answer this question because it tells me 2 things about them:

  1. Do they realize that you have to keep learning new things to stay relevant in our world?
  2. Are they serious about keeping up?

There is no single right answer to this question (though there are plenty of wrong answers). This is simply my answer.