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A complicated story about medication and logistics

01 October 2017

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I am starting to prep for my next attempt. This one will be medicated, which is terrifying in and of itself. I will be on I’ll be on Clomid (a pill taken orally), Prometrium (a pill taken vaginally, which should be interesting), and Ovedril (a syringe and I just don’t want to know yet).

Finding a pharmacy

My insurance covers none of this, so my doctor called in the prescription to a couple of online pharmacies so that I can compare prices. Freedom Fertility came back with the best price, so I called them back a couple days later to place the order. On that second call, I was told that they got the total wrong when they quoted me during the first call. The total price they quoted was actually for only 2 of the 3 meds I need. (This is after I asked them the first time if that was for all 3, because it was so much lower.)

Because I feel that quotes should be mathematically accurate, I asked to speak with a supervisor. She said that she would review the tape of that first conversation and see if she could do anything for me price-wise. She was supposed to call me back the next day.

Three days later, I had not heard from her, so I called her back to follow up. This turned into two days of phone tag. When I finally got that supervisor on the phone, she agreed that the quote from the original call was stated wrong. However, she could not actually do anything for me to honor that original “quote”, or even meet me half way between that “quote” and the real price.

The entire process of calling and waiting for answers wasted about a week. Thankfully, I do not need the meds until October, but that is not the point. The point is I expected this pharmacy to be professional. That professionalism includes accuracy in the quotes given and owning up to their mistakes. Since that clearly was not going to happen, I informed the Freedom Fertility supervisor that I could not do business with them, regardless of price. If I can’t trust you to give me an accurate price when I ask for it, I am certainly not going to trust you with medications that I have to put in my body.

Hmm… next!

I called my doctor back to ask if there were any other pharmacies I could work with, since the prices of the other original pharmacies were still much higher than Freedom Fertility’s price, even after learning the real total cost. Luckily, she was able to call it into another pharmacy - Cornerstone Pharmacy. Their quote for all 3 medications was cheaper than Freedom Fertility’s inaccurate quote (for just 2 of the meds). Sold!

Since this was the lowest quote I’ve gotten to date, I jumped on this. I received the medications the other day and confirmed that they are all correct.

The process of getting medication was way crazier than it should have been. At least it had a happy ending. Buyer beware.