pregnancy third trimester


21 July 2018

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My friends and I code-named the kiddo “Lord Kick Ass” sometime in my second trimester because, in addition to the fact that she started kicking right around then, we are certain that she will, indeed, kick ass.

As I approach my final week of pregnancy, I am finding that Lord Kick Ass is becoming more and more true to her name. During last week’s doctor appointment, she decided that the early morning was a fine time to kick ass. She was so active, the doctor could not get a baseline heart rate on her (which she has to stay relatively still for).

That, however, was an anomaly. LKA generally prefers to kick ass in the evenings and early mornings.

It is 9:38pm. I can feel one foot kicking the bottom of my rib cage. I come very close to peeing myself when she stretches into my bladder. I can see her other foot sticking out of my stomach. If I press down a little on that area, I can feel her actual foot through my belly.

I find myself wanting to write all of these things down because I don’t want to forget any of this.