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Keyboard navigation when carousels block your way

20 April 2017

Oh… carousels. Carousels have become a major web design trend over the last several years. They are everywhere, from home pages to slideshows to product galleries. Carousels are terrible. From a content perspective, the majority of users only see the...

4 ways teaching code made me a better developer

11 May 2016

Late last year, the good folks at General Assembly hired me to teach one of their part-time Front-End Web Development courses. I have been coding for years and, more recently, have given a few one-off guest lectures. However, I was...

Backbone: No more hash tags!

18 December 2014

Is one of your Backbone.js pet-peeves the fact that all of your routes have to start with a hash tag? It was mine! The other day, it finally became a problem when I had to integrate my Backbone app inside...

Adventures in IE: A story of Javascript dependencies

03 June 2014

I have never really been one for developing in IE. To be honest, I usually exclusively develop using Chrome and save my cross-browser testing for the end of the project. This is very likely a debatable practice, and I may...

Cheap Trick with YUI Carousel

23 August 2011

This is just another example of why Internet Explorer 7 (and earlier) needs to die. I have been working on a project where a group of images needs to be displayed on a page, four at a time in a...

Adding a character limit to a text area using YUI

29 July 2011

In the UI world, it is a good idea to let the users know about any constraints they have on any form fields. We all know this. There are a million ways to do this – through error messages, help...

YUI 3 in a YUI 2 world

24 May 2011

I know what you are probably thinking. You want to use YUI 3 inside YUI 2? Really? Why not just upgrade to YUI 3 altogether? The question actually came up in one of my more recent projects, with a client...

YUI vs. jQuery

20 September 2010

Ever since I started my consulting gig, I have been learning so many new (or, rather, new to me) technologies. Most of my learning experiences have centered around Javascript libraries – namely jQuery and YUI. In light of the fact...

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