pregnancy third trimester

Induction Scheduling

19 July 2018

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I just left one of my final OB appointments. This particular appointment involved a cervical exam to see if I am dilated.


I learned three important things from this exam:

  1. I am not dilated.
  2. Not only am I not dilated, but apparently everything down there is swollen too.
  3. During such an exam, I am not a fan of my doctor saying, “Oh, your cervix is all the way over there.”

Since the kiddo (who, by the way, was also not a fan of this exam) is not yet making any moves to vacate the premises on her own, the delivery of her eviction notice has been scheduled. They call this a preinduction with cervical ripening. Because, you know, my cervix is just like produce.

The Plan

Unless I go into labor in the next week, I have an appointment to arrive at the hospital the evening of Monday the 30th. At that time, I will:

  1. Be admitted.
  2. Have one of my OBs start the induction process.
  3. Wait overnight.
  4. See what happens.
  5. Lord Kick Ass’s arrival!

Theoretically, this process takes 2 days, but who knows. I will either deliver on the 31st or the 1st.

This appears to be the most likely birth scenario. I feel kind of bad for my friends who placed bets that the kiddo will come early (i.e. next week).