I'm a Time Lord!

12 December 2017

Topics: pregnancy first trimester

I am 7 weeks pregnant today. Ultrasound #2 happened this morning. I was particularly nervous about this one because I have literally felt nothing for the past week. I mean, my breasts hurt and I’m dizzy about 50% of the time, but there has been zero morning sickness. I’m pregnant. I should be throwing up! (Wait a sec. Am I seriously complaining about not throwing up?!)

It was all good news. My kid exists! And it has a heartbeat! There are two hearts inside me right now. You all know what that means. I am a Time Lord!

In all seriousness, today was a big deal because it means that I have officially “graduated” from my fertility clinic. I can still see them for another couple of weeks (until week 10), so the “break up” can be gradual. My first OB appointment is next week. I chose to use my gynecologist as my OB because, frankly, she’s awesome.

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