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Gearing up for IUI #3

07 August 2017

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Yes, I apparently skipped writing about IUI #2. Sorry, folks. I am an inconsistent blogger.

Since it has been a while, I will catch you all up now on my IUI rollercoaster. When I used that word in my last post, I had no idea how true it would be.

Takes #1 and #2… nope!

As you can infer from the title of this post, my first two IUIs did not take.

IUI #1 was a disaster. I was stressed and anxious through the entire two-week wait (TWW - apparently everything is an acronym), which led me to believe that every single feeling I had was a pregnancy symptom. No wonder that one didn’t take. My body probably said to itself, “Pfft. Are you crazy? You are way too hyped up to do this. Veto!”

IUI #2 was better. I was less anxious, but I kind of knew throughout it that it was not going to take. The procedure itself was awful. (Read: my cervix really did not want to be open for business.) The TWW was not terrible, though. The weird part was my breasts were super sore after it was made abundantly clear that I was not pregnant. Weird.

I did learn stuff, however.

The last two months were no-go’s, but they were not complete wastes of time, since I learned a few things:

  1. Whether I stress or not, it is what it is. I cannot will myself to be pregnant. Trust me. I tried that the first time and that was terrible. I am taking some precautions. I am not drinking any alcohol during the TWW. I am cutting my sugar way down - something I should be doing anyway, to be frank. However, I am not stressing out if I want a burrito an hour after I eat mac and cheese. Because, come on. Burrito!
  2. My workouts can’t stop just because I may be growing a mini-me. Anyone who truly knows me knows that I cannot stop working out. That will never happen, nor should it. My doctor even made it abundantly clear that I should work out. (However, she also said I should not go overboard. Who… me?!) During the TWW, I still worked out 5-6 days a week (my normal). However, I cut out my ab work. Completely. That was a terrible idea. Have you ever tried to do crunches after not doing crunches for 2 weeks? It’s awful. I am out of the TWW right now and back to my normal routine… and I am sore.
  3. My body does weird things when I put weird things into it. Yes, sperm is a weird thing when it comes to my body. Which is probably why the first two tries did not take. However, from the minute those little guys entered and through the TWW, I felt weird things. Hunger. Sore breasts. Hunger. Gas. Hunger. Tingling breasts. Hunger. (Seriously… the food cravings were worse than my normal food cravings!)

Take #3… the next frontier!

My next try will most likely be this Friday, August 11. I really hope this one actually takes. In all seriousness, each try is not only expensive, but it is emotionally exhausting, even when I am trying to relax and not stress over the whole thing. I marvel at the women who try for years. That takes an amount of emotional stamina that I am not sure I will have.