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From zero to viable in 24 weeks

12 April 2018

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I just had my 24-week appointment today. All is still well! The kiddo has a heartbeat that is high enough. I have blood pressure that is low enough. I am up 9 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. At least it’s not 40? (Yet!)

I also learned today that, as of this week, the kiddo is officially viable.

Wait. What?!

Yup. It has only been 24 weeks, yet she could theoretically pop out today and be a fully formed human. Not that it’s a good idea for her to do that (so don’t get any ideas, kid!), but yikes!

I probably shouldn’t be too surprised. I mean, she’s kicking and every so often, she kicks in such a way that I can see something trying to poke out from under my belly. And no, she is not trying to recreate that scene from Alien. At least, I assume she’s not.