Final Public Postpartum Thoughts

12 August 2018

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I wanted to update this category in my blog one more time before “signing off”. I could blog all day and night about Amelia, but I also want to keep most aspects of her life private. That means, off Facebook, off Instagram, off whatever other social media platforms exist that I’m “too old” to use, and off this blog. Sorry folks.

12 Days

Amelia is 12 days old now. She changes literally every day. I’m excited to see how she will grow and change in the days/weeks/months/years to come, but I am also sad because I miss how she was just a week ago.

I have learned some very important things about myself over the last 12 days. The first is that, before Amelia arrived, I was super OCD about how I kept my house. Now… not so much. I mean, not at all. I’m not saying my house is a train wreck. (Anyone who knows me in real life knows that will never happen.) However, I am less OCD about things like spills. Or random clutter. It’s freeing, to be honest.

The second, and more surprising thing, that I’ve learned is that OMG I really love babies! I mean, while I was pregnant, I was dreading the first couple of years of Amelia’s life. I’ve wanted a baby for so long, but I knew absolutely nothing about them - how to feed, how to change a diaper, what they want, etc.

Now that I am in the midst of “newborn central”, I don’t want it to end. I love the wide-eyed, open mouthed look that she gives me every so often when we are eating. (This is despite the fact that I have come to learn that is her pooping face. LOL.) I love the baby side-eye that she gives me when I say or do something kinda dumb. I love the almost-smiles I get when I am being silly with her.

I have been taking roughly a million photos of her a day. Videos too, in my fool-hearted attempt to capture these looks accurately. Digital media isn’t doing these looks justice, so I’m working on memorizing everything about her.

Amelia will have her own (private, invitation-only) blog (curated by mommy) soon. As I said earlier, in the interest of privacy (assuming people really do read this blog!), this will likely be my last entry about her on this site.

Thank you all for reading! It’s been quite the ride since my first entry over a year and a half ago. Feel free to share my pregnancy archive page.