pregnancy third trimester

Feelings from the inside

28 June 2018

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It just occurred to me that I haven’t written about what it feels like to actually have another human growing inside you. To be honest, I’m not even sure how to describe it.

Sometimes I don’t feel her at all.

Sometimes I feel like a rumble in my belly. It is both kind of like indigestion and nothing like indigestion.

Sometimes she is playing the drums against the side of my belly.

Sometimes she kicks or punches so hard that I can see a bulge coming out of my belly.

Now that she has flipped to be head-down, I routinely feel her feet get stuck in my rib cage. When that happens, I can usually push down on the right-side of my abs and move her feet.

Someone asked me where her head is the other day. I can feel her head. It is nowhere appropriate. (Again, she’s head down now.)

And, finally, sometimes I feel my entire belly squeeze and tighten up. Oh wait. That’s not her. That’s a contraction. (Chill out. I’m not in labor. Yet.)