February Photo a Day #8

08 February 2013

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Today’s photo was really hard… at least at first.

The day 8 photo subject was “something orange”.  Now, I really don’t like orange.  I mean really.  don’t.  like.  orange.  I have no orange clothes.  I have no orange furniture.  I don’t even have oranges in my kitchen.  On top of it all, it is winter.  There is nothing orange outside either.  No turning leaves.  No orange flowers.

I was at a complete loss until I started looking through my bookshelves.  And then I found it.  My book of Winnie the Pooh stories.

Tigger.  Duh.

Anyone who has known me for a while knows that I love Tigger.  College friends will remember a certain Tigger sweatshirt I wore often. (Oh yeah… I was cool!) I have countless plush Tiggers all over the place.  You would think I would have thought about Tigger sooner.  But no.  I think Tigger is disappointed in me.

February 8: Something Orange