February Photo a Day #24

24 February 2013

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First, another apology.  Today’s photo subject was “cloud”.  All I could think of when I saw this subject was a photo I took in Chicago several years ago.  I was out there for a family reunion.  It was an absolutely gorgeous August day and we all went for a walk.  I really can’t remember exactly where we were - it was in one of the western suburbs - and we were walking along a trail when we came upon a lake.  This is where I took the photo that I am posting for today’s “photo-a-day”.

Which is where my apology comes in.  I know this challenge is really for me to actually take a photo each day, not just post a random photo, but I could not get this one out of my head.  The clouds in the sky were those big, fluffy ones, and I was able to get both the clouds and their reflection in the lake.  There is no way I could take something that cool today.  I am not even convinced this is something I could plan.

So… here you go!

Clouds - Lake near Chicago