February Photo a Day #22

22 February 2013

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Work has been hard lately.  I mean seriously, frustratingly hard.  I am learning a new piece of tech these days, which is pretty awesome, but, at the same time, obnoxiously crazy and seemingly impossible.  The learning curve is getting better, but it has been a long time coming.

Times like these are the ones where I really miss the basics of web development.  Getting a comp.  Opening a blank text editor.  Writing CSS until the site looks pretty.  That just makes me happy… in a really dorky way.

Today’s photo subject is “makes me smile”.  And today - well, this week really - I have finally had an opportunity to sit down in front of my little text editor and write CSS code for a few hours. (OK… technically I am writing LESS code and compiling it to CSS, which is so much more awesome, but that’s not the point here.) This totally made me smile.

February 22: Makes Me Smile