February Photo a Day #12

12 February 2013

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I had a really bad day today.  I had some conversations that verged on the completely ridiculous, which made my day… well… ridiculous.  How do I cope?  I baked!  In my office!  Well… home office.  This telecommuting thing can be kind of awesome sometimes.

Cookies are my go-to baking project of choice.  Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are my comfort food cookies.  Or, in today’s case, comfort food lunch.  And guess what today’s photo subject is.  Where I had lunch!

Healthiest lunch ever?  Not so much.  Soul healing lunch of the day?  Oh yeah!

February 12: Where I Ate Lunch

*Disclaimer: Feel free to bake this at home, but not every day.  Or if you do, go for a run.  Life is all about balance.  Oh, and don’t burn your kitchen down while you are on your baking spree. Baking more cookies is hard when your kitchen no longer exists.