Eating like a hobbit

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It has occurred to me over the last several weeks (months) that a hobbit’s eating schedule is also the perfect eating schedule for a pregnant woman - or at least this pregnant woman. Allow me to demonstrate.

  • Breakfast: Around 6am. This tends to be something like a small muffin or bagel.
  • Second breakfast: Around 9am. This is usually eggs or yogurt… or sometimes both.
  • Elevensies: Around, well, 11am. This is whatever I happen to have at work that is remotely breakfast-looking, so either fruit, a granola bar, or Cheerios.
  • Luncheon: Around 1pm. I almost always bring something from home, usually leftovers. My leftovers are usually some combination of meat, beans, and veggies. (When I cook, I throw whatever I have into a crockpot with a bunch of spices and hope for the best.) If I don’t have leftovers, I make PB&J. (Don’t judge me. It’s still delicious.)
  • Afternoon tea: Sometime in the afternoon whenever I get hungry again. Since I am still at work, this also tends to be whatever I have at work, so either fruit, peanut butter and crackers, trail mix. Oh, and also tea (of course).
  • Dinner: Around 7 or 8pm. This varies a lot. See my earlier note about my style of cooking.
  • Supper: Ok, I really don’t eat supper as in the meal you are very likely thinking of right now. But, assuming I’m not already in bed at 9pm, I do eat something again because… hungry. This also varies a lot.