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Contractions != Labor

13 June 2018

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I am 33 weeks pregnant as of yesterday, which (naturally?) means contractions start. Seriously. They started. I haven’t had many (maybe a couple a day) and they are not painful, nor are they a sign that I am in labor (yet). But they are normal. And weird. Really, really weird.

As you get closer to your due date, your uterus starts to practice for labor by contracting just a little bit every so often. I suppose it’s like training for a marathon. You know the big day is coming and you start running and training so you know you won’t fall flat on your face from exhaustion when that big day does inevitably comes. Apparently, your uterus has the same idea.

I do appreciate my body making sure it’s ready for this particular big day, contractions are weird! My cousin described hers like menstrual cramps, and that’s close, but I am not sure if it is quite accurate. To me, the contractions feel like my belly is hardening all of a sudden. It stays hard for a little while, and then relaxes itself. They are not painful at all, but they are certainly distracting. (Frankly, my menstrual cramps were way more painful. But that is another story.)

So, the training has begun. We are T-minus 6 weeks and 6 days. Not that I’m counting. Or excited. Or nervous. Or excited. Or utterly terrified. (You get the point.)