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Beta pregnancy tests are a thing

26 November 2017

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After learning I was pregnant, I went home for Thanksgiving (as one does?) and spent 4 days dodging questions about why I wasn’t drinking and why I would chase squirrels any time someone lit up a cigarette.

But that’s besides the point.

When I got home, I went in for my beta pregnancy test. That is the pregnancy test you get after your pregnancy test to make sure you’re still pregnant.

I am super pregnant.

The test measures HCG, which is basically your pregnancy hormone. My HCG at my original pregnancy test was 300-something-or-other. This number is supposed to double or triple for the beta test.

My beta test result was over 4000.

Yup. That’s more than double. In fact, it’s more than 11 times as much as my original test. This can only mean one thing….

I’m growing my own football team.

Watch out Patriots. You’re going to have some competition… eventually.

But seriously, the giant leap in numbers could mean anything, from “I’m definitely pregnant” to, seriously, there’s more than one kiddo in me.

My first OB ultrasound is later this week. I’ll know more then.